Frequently Asked Questions

Photo Piccolo

Where are you based and do you travel?

I'm based in the Town of Cortlandt in Northern Westchester County, NY. I generally work in this area, as well as New York City, Northern New Jersey and Western Connecticut. Traveling to me could be more cost efficient for you but I'm happy to price out my traveling to any location.

How many pictures will we receive?

For a typical one-hour family shoot or senior portrait shoot I will deliver at least 30 to 40 final images, often more. With headshots, the process is a bit different as the end goal is usually just a few images. In those cases, I will often deliver a first review round of more shots, as many as 75 to 100 but then only do the final editing and touch-up on the handful of 5 to 10 selections. For events like weddings and bar mitzvahs, you will receive many more images, generally 50 to 60 photos per hour of coverage

When will we get our photos?

Generally, for a family shoot your photos will be selected edited and finalized in two to three weeks. Events will take a bit longer, three to four weeks. If you are in rush (holiday cards, anyone?) let me know and I can often expedite the process, or we can focus on "the one" you need right away.

What's the process after the shoot?

You will receive a private online gallery link with all your photos. After you review them, when we can make adjustments in the selections or editing, I will send you either a physical CD or a digital download code. You can download the photos from the gallery, share the gallery with others, and choose your favorites. There is also an option to order high-quality prints directly through my site.

What can I expect from a family shoot?

I specialize in photographing children and families in natural settings, both indoors and out. In my experience, these settings are the most likely to keep young subjects both energized and at ease. it sometimes takes younger kids a little while to relax, but with my playful, comfortable style, we'll get there! We'll get different groupings and a range of individual shots. Pets offer a special challenge - but we can include them, too! Planning ahead, we can talk about what to wear, how to prepare and any special concerns or goals you may have.

How do you photograph weddings?

I cover these events in a candid, photojournalistic style - to capture the emotions and excitement of the day. Often it's the little things that tell the story: the bride preparing, a stray hors d'oeuvre, close-ups of hands, or a shy ring-bearer. All the moments that make the day uniquely yours. And of course we'll cover those important groupings of family and friends, too. I would be honored to capture your big day and that commitment will call for communication and planning. We'll talk about all the details - venue, family, schedule - and all the things you'd love to see and capture.

Bar Mitzvahs?

A candid, photojournalistic style is how I capture the moments and the emotions of any special event. I love the excitement the kids bring to their big day - one that generally spans the full gamut from the solemn ceremony, cherished family moments and the high energy celebration. I've worked in many of the local synagogues and some of the popular party venues. But wherever you are, we'll plan together to make sure we get all the moments and people that matter most - and make sure I'm in the right place when the chairs are hoisted for the hora!

Why choose Photo Piccolo?

I shoot digital photographs with a Nikon dSLR. This results in high-quality images that are both flexible and transferable. My rates are very competitive, and unlike many photographers, I allow you to keep and use the digital photographs I deliver to you. I provide you a physical CD or digital download. This allows you to reprint, post, e-mail and otherwise distribute them at your discretion. I do offer printing services, but that is entirely optional. I ask only that you share these photographs only with family and friends, not for commercial use.

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